Anonymous asked:
5 or 10 or less 😂 fanfics you really liked?


Oh wow, that’s super hard—I love so many and I’ll probably forget some

Okay, in no particular order: 

  1. The Last Resort by dakota829snow
  2. To Protect and Serve by @into-themists 
  3. A Beautiful Monster by hope2x
  4. Popcorn Love by chrmdpoet
  5. The Princess and The Prisoner by chrmdpoet
  6. Teacher’s Pet by regalchromaggia69
  7. So Does This Make us Both the Other Woman? by scullysummers
  8. A Fine Line by hunnyfresh
  9. Double Trouble by princesscharming1983
  10. A Ripple in Time by chrmdpoet

& so many more that I just can’t think of at the moment!


"Lesbians can be very dangerous."


ii. augmentation


She’d come to Zelena’s house just over a week ago, hunting for signs of Rumple, and she’d run from it with the weight of a realization she’d never dared to contemplate before. But today Emma is walking beside her and she feels…not quite as off-kilter. Safe, almost.


“Why did you want me here today?” she says, mostly to stave off the warmth that rises through her at that revelation. “Don’t you have a pirate lurking about with nothing better to do than follow you around?” 

Emma shrugs. “I don’t think he’d be much help against Zelena or Gold. And we can do more…” She waves her fingers at a leaf in their path. It floats on, carried by the wind. “Crap. Wait.” She squeezes her eyes shut and focuses. The leaf is instantly pulverized, tiny pieces of dust shooting out at them. “I thought too hard, didn’t I?” 

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A Ripple In Time Chapter 15, an once upon a time fanfic | FanFiction


Lana’s Ice Bucket Challenge

before and after